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Headquarters Shanghai, People's Republic of China
Stock Listings SEHK: 00981;SSE STAR MARKET: 688981
Global Operations Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Japan, US and Europe
Manufacturing Facilities

SMIC has 8-inch and 12-inch wafer fabrication facilities in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and Shenzhen.

Total Employees 20,223 as of December 31, 2023
Company Profile

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation is one of the leading foundries in the world and is the front runner in manufacturing capability, manufacturing scale, and comprehensive service in the Chinese Mainland. SMIC Group provides semiconductor foundry and technology services to global customers on 8-inch and 12-inch wafers.


Management Team

Liu Xunfeng


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Zhao Haijun

Co-Chief Executive Officer

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Liang Mong Song

Co-Chief Executive Officer

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Guo Guangli

Senior Vice President, Board Secretary and Company Secretary

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Wu Junfeng

Senior Vice President and Person-in-charge of Finance

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